Meet Kitty:

Khamila “Kitty” Barnes is a star behind the bar. She is a lover of libations and her creations are nothing less than pure artistic expression… in a glass. Kitty On Top mobile bartending was created in 2014 after Khamila worked for a few established venues and decided she wanted to offer a more personal and enhanced experience to her clients. Her husband encouraged her to build her own business based on her love of sharing libations wherever she encounters people… she freed herself from the restrictions of a bar and began mixing libations wherever her spirit took her and clients booked her. Homes, apartments, churches, backyards, barns, and even rooftops. One day she hopes to take her mixology skills to new heights on a private jet!

Kitty can be described as a beautiful young lady with an Old Fashioned spirit but loves to remix the classics and the results have been… well honestly Profitable.

“My goal is to provide a TOP Shelf experience to everyone, especially those who don’t have the means to travel or experience fine dining regularly. I enjoy every stage of creating a cocktail similar to an artist painting a masterpiece. I want the KOT experience to be both visually appealing and delicious. From the moment we meet until the smile after the first sip… my love for libations is poured into every drink.”

Kitty is a mother and a wife and has incorporated her family and eldest daughter into her business. She allows her to assist in cutting fruit and setting up for larger events with the hopes that someday the business can be transferred seamlessly within the family. Many of Kitty’s productions begin at home when an aroma or flavor or sometimes a basic conversation inspires her to create. Those moments have produced fan favorites such as her sweet potato coquito, and her maple bacon old fashioned, to name a few.

When enjoying a cocktail for herself, Kitty enjoys an Old Fashioned or a Moscow Mule.

Kitty On Top isn’t just a name… it’s a mission and she’s well on her way. Once you see the smile, you’ll know “YOU GOT Served!” by Kitty On Top.

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Standard service

$450.00 and up

This option is ideal for an in-home or private event. Suppose you need a professional bartender to provide you with a custom shopping list and delegate your bar. In that case, our staff will arrive on-site with the following items: Bar, Bar tools, fresh fruit garnishes, plastic cups, cocktail napkins, cocktail straws, and a standard cocktail menu.

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all-inclusive service

$1700.00 and up

Take the whole bar prep off your plate, and allow us to build your custom bar experience. We provide shopping, renting glassware, and setting up your drink display. This service is excellent for events at venues and backyards or if you want to ensure the bar is running smoothly. We will come equipped with the following: Liquor, mixers, ice, bar, bar tools, fresh fruit garnishes, cocktail napkins, cocktail straws, and a custom acrylic menu.

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Top Tier service

$5500.00 and up

Are you having a wedding or corporate event of 150 guests or more? We can manage! Every event is manageable; however, larger guest counts require more production for your bar. This service is also all-inclusive and caters to significant events. We will come equipped with the following: Liquor, mixers, ice, bar, bar tools, fresh fruit garnishes, glassware, cocktail napkins, cocktail straws, and two custom cocktail menus.

A La Carte Options

Cocktail Enhancements


Cocktail or Mocktail Station

Dry ice, flames, smoke, a champagne wall set up, and a cocktail presentation display are ideal options to elevate your event.

Kitty On Top Bartending, LLC is a Montco, PA-based business, but we DO travel! Events outside of the Philadelphia area are welcome with an additional travel fee.

We travel to New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and DC. We have traveled as far as Boston and Florida!

Need a quick setup for grab-and-go cocktails? Kitty On Top Bartending offers table displays with curated and batched cocktails for your guests to serve themselves.

Why you need bartending services at your event:

It offers an elegant and sophisitcated presentaion

Do you want to WOW your guests? Hiring a professional bartender will elevate any event. Our staff has the credentials, interactive skills, and bar experience to offer exceptional service and delicious cocktails.

Provides inventory management

Do you want to avoid your guests overpouring and wasting your quality spirits? Our bartending staff delegates the bar and manages inventory, so there is less waste.

Offers safety and sanitation protocols

Our staff is RAMP certified and General and liquor liability insured to offer ease to you, your guests, and your event location. In addition to legal security, we utilize clean organic fruit, wear black, latex-free gloves while curating your cocktail, and provide bar assistance that covers everything that goes into your bar experience; top shelf!

You deserve an upscale EXPERIENCE

Anybody can make a drink, but can everyone offer an upscale experience? Bartending is not just about the cocktail; we interact with you and offer a show! We remember your cocktails at length and present them in a way you don't experience at any other party (unless we're there). We customize original cocktails and classic cocktail variations.

You deserve an upscale EXPERIENCE.

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